DecentAI in XMTP Apps

Chatting with XMTP

XMTP, or Extensible Message Transport Protocol, is an open protocol, network, and standard for secure, private web3 messaging. It enables apps to communicate with every wallet in the world using web3 messaging.
You can try chatting with DecentAI via XMTP by heading to Connect your wallet, start a chat with DecentGPT.eth, and send a message!

How XMTP Works

XMTP operates in three layers: the application layer, client layer, and network layer. The application layer is where users interact with the system, the client layer handles the processing of messages, and the network layer is responsible for the delivery of messages. This layered approach allows for decentralized messaging and interaction between different platforms and applications.

Why we're Excited about Decentralized Chat

Decentralized chat systems like XMTP are exciting because they offer a new level of privacy and security. Unlike centralized systems, where all messages pass through a central server, decentralized systems distribute messages across a network of peers. This means that no single entity has control over the entire network, making it more resistant to censorship and surveillance. Furthermore, because users don’t need to submit any personal details like phone numbers or email addresses to make an account, their privacy is better protected.

Using Converse to Chat with DecentAI

You can use any XMTP-compatible app you like to chat with DecentAI. Converse and Coinbase Wallet both allow users to chat over this protocol. It's as easy as starting a new chat with decentgpt.eth and sending a text!
Please note that it's asynchronous and as such there's no indicator that your response is being generated. Be patient while the LLM generates your response, which will be received in one go. Additionally, most clients don't yet support markdown so images will not be rendered inline and text will not be formatted.
Starting a conversation with decentgpt.eth
Talking to DecentAI via XMTP on Converse (iOS app)