The DecentPass

What is a DecentPass?

The DecentPass is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) that unlocks access to DecentAI's advanced models, features, and increased usage limits, offering an enhanced AI experience.

To maintain an optimal level of quality and learning during the initial experimental phase, invitations to mint the DecentPass will be extended to a small select group of early participants.

Exclusive Invitation Codes and Minting your DecentPass

An exclusive invitation code is required to acquire a DecentPass:

  • Redeeming Invite Codes: If you have an invitation code, you can redeem it within the DecentAI app. When prompted, enter your code (note that it is case sensitive). Following this, a DecentPass NFT will be minted and transferred to your wallet, providing immediate access to the full suite of DecentAI capabilities.

  • One-Time Use: Each invite code is designed for a single use to ensure fair distribution and access.

How to Request a DecentPass

If you do not yet have an invitation code and cannot yet mint a pass, you can still engage with DecentAI.

  • Engage with DecentAI: Initiate a conversation by downloading the app or by connecting via XMTP in another app. This action makes you eligible for a future invite code or potential DecentPass airdrop.

  • Invitation Process: Invitations are distributed on a regular basis. Monitor your email for a notification from us; your personal invitation code will be sent once it is your turn. For users who sign up with a wallet, you might get a DecentPass airdropped!

  • Inviting Friends: In future updates, DecentAI may introduce a feature allowing current users to invite friends using their own set of invitation codes.

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