DecentAI offers you the autonomy to choose your own preferred method of authentication. This section will guide you through the sign-in process, designed to accommodate both traditional and web3 user preferences.

Authentication Options

Users can authenticate with DecentAI using either their Google or Apple accounts for a familiar sign-in experience.

Alternatively for those seeking increased optionality, users may sign in with a web3 wallet. Currently this must be an EVM compatible wallet (we do not currently support other chains but may do so in the future).

Signing in with a Wallet

For users opting to sign in using a web3 wallet, the following steps facilitate the process:

Step 1: Connect a Wallet

Initiate the sign-in process by selecting the 'Connect a Wallet' option on the DecentAI sign-in page.

Step 2: Accept Connection Request

A connection request will appear in the wallet app of your choice. This can be any web3 wallet including MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, among others.

Step 3: Connect to DecentAI

Within your wallet app, confirm the connection to DecentAI, granting the app permission to authenticate your wallet.

Step 4: Sign in to DecentAI

To verify the security of your account, DecentAI requires you to sign a one-time message. This action does not incur any cost, nor does it grant DecentAI access to your private keys or funds. It simply proves that you control the wallet. Proceed by tapping “Sign Message.”

Step 5: Sign the Message

Finalize the authentication by signing the message within your wallet app, completing the sign-in process.

Signing in with Google or Apple

For those selecting to sign in with Google or Apple:

  • Follow the standard sign-in procedure as prompted by the respective service.

  • Authenticate using your Google or Apple account credentials as usual.

Upon entering a valid invitation code, we will seamlessly generate a wallet for you using Circle's MPC wallet platform and transfer a DecentPass to it.

If you signed up with Google or Apple, we automatically generate a "developer controlled" wallet for you via Circle. In the future, you will be able to easily transfer your DecentPass to another wallet if you wish. A developer controlled wallet is a type of digital wallet that provides enhanced security and ease of use, especially for new users in the blockchain space. Here's why it can be considered better for someone just starting out:

  1. Shared Control: Instead of one person holding all the keys to a wallet, the control is split among multiple parties (hence the name). This means a new user doesn't bear the full responsibility of securing their keys alone, which can be daunting and risky.

  2. Recovery Options: If a new user loses their access information, the wallet can still be recovered because other parties (like the developer or service provider) can help restore access. This is a huge advantage over traditional wallets where if you lose your key, you lose your wallet and its contents forever.

  3. Ease of Use: For new users, the complexity of managing private keys can be overwhelming. MPC wallets can offer a more familiar user experience, similar to using traditional online accounts but with the added benefits of blockchain technology.

Post Authentication

Upon successful sign-in, regardless of the method, you will be directed to the chat interface with DecentAI. Here, you can begin interacting with the AI and exploring the full range of features available to you.

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