📨Chatting with DecentAI

Chatting with DecentAI works like any chat app. DecentAI can respond to your messages, search the web, look for images, or generate them. Let's go through an example.

Conversation Management

If you'd like to start a new conversation, hit the hamburger icon on the top left and tap "New Chat". This will open a new conversation with DecentAI.


Here is an example searching for: What's the latest news coming out of CES?DecentAI responds with some useful information including sources from a web search. The example then asked more about this new device called Rabbit. Remember, DecentAI understands the context from your conversation's history so you can reliably refer to previous topics.

Feeling inspired, the example asks DecentAI to create an image of a robot rabbit. After receiving the image, the examples searches for some existing images of cute floppy-eared rabbits. Then it requests a 3D rendering of these rabbits with a cybernetic twist.

Remember, DecentAI is an experiment that aggregates multiple models, and those models may be wrong about people, places, or facts.

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