How DecentPass Works

Why an NFT?

At the heart of DecentAI's early access model lies an innovative experiment with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This path highlights a fascinating application of permissionless technology with several potential benefits:

  • Unique Monetization: NFTs may introduce a novel approach to monetizing access. Instead of recurring subscriptions, users may buy, sell, or even temporarily borrow NFTs to gain access to various models or features.

  • User Empowerment: Ownership of an NFT puts control in the users' hands. They can choose when to sell or transfer their own access.Users can create a wallet and use DecentAI without leaking personal information.

  • Future Potential: Looking forward, NFTs could represent unique AI agents created by users, leading to new economic opportunities within a burgeoning creator economy.

The Functionality of DecentPass

Minting and Ownership

  • Invitation and Minting: Upon entering a valid invitation code, a DecentPass NFT is minted on Polygon, a Layer-2 blockchain complementing Ethereum. This NFT is then transferred to the user's wallet.

  • Access and Usage: Holding a DecentPass unlocks comprehensive access to DecentAI's models, accompanied by high usage rates.

  • Validity Period: In this experiment, the DecentPass remains active for 90 days post-minting, granting holders increased rate limits during this time.

Usage Accounting

  • Points System: Users receive a monthly allowance of 1,500 points.

  • Point Costs: Interactions cost points – 1 point per text message, and 1 point for every 2 image generations.

  • Rolling Calculation: Point expenditure is calculated on a rolling basis, ensuring a steady usage flow.

  • Trust in Users: We operate on a trust basis, believing users will engage with DecentAI responsibly.

Transferability of DecentPass

  • Wallet-Based Transfer: Users who signed in with their wallet can freely transfer the DecentPass NFT as they wish.

  • Developer-Controlled Wallets: For those who used Google or Apple to sign up and received a wallet controlled by the developer, transfer options are under development.

  • Effect of Transfer: Transferring the DecentPass out of the wallet will revoke the associated account's premium benefits in DecentAI.

Multiple DecentPass NFTs

  • Multiple Holdings: Users may hold more than one DecentPass; however, additional passes do not confer additional benefits.

Post-90 Days Scenario

  • Expiry: After 90 days, the DecentPass expires, concluding the experimental testing phase for DecentAI.

  • Ongoing Benefits: As pioneers with the OG DecentPass NFT, users might receive other advantages in the future as DecentAI evolves and introduces more sophisticated access methods.

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