Access to Leading Open Source and Proprietary Models

DecentAI provides users with seamless access to a diverse array of AI models for both text and image generation. The platform aggregates several high-quality models to cater to different user needs:

  • Text Generation:

    • Mixtral 8x7B (including fine-tuned variants)

    • Mistral 7B (including fine-tuned variants)

    • Llama 2 70B

    • Llama 2 13B

    • Vicuna 13B

    • GPT-4 Turbo

    • GTP 3.5 Turbo

    • Claude 2.1

    • Claude Instant

  • Image Generation:

    • Stable Diffusion XL

    • Stable Diffusion 2.1

    • Fine-tuned Stable Diffusion models for specific styles

    • Dall-e-3

    • Dall-e-2

Smarter Replies with the Smart Router

You do not need to know when to choose a model. Instad, DecentAI's Smart Router is able to choose for you based on your preferences, intent, and the fluctuating health and responsiveness of the models themselves.

DecentAI's Smart Router optimizes user experience by routing requests to the most suitable models based on user-selected preferences for quality or speed. This feature provides flexibility in how users interact with the AI, allowing for customization based on the specific task:

  • Speed Setting: For users prioritizing a fast response, the Smart Router will select models that offer quicker outputs.

  • Quality Setting: For tasks requiring more sophisticated outputs, such as coding or complex reasoning, the Smart Router will prioritize models known for higher quality results.

  • Source Preference: Users retain control over the choice between closed source and open source models, ensuring data privacy and alignment with personal or organizational policies.

Optionality with XMTP-Compatible Client Apps

DecentAI is connected to all XMTP-compatible apps and wallets, offering you the freedom to choose your own way to experience it. This means you can access DecentAI in multiple apps and wallets, not only in the DecentAI app.

DecentAI even has its own personal ENS address: decentgpt.eth

XMTP (Cross-Messaging Transport Protocol) is a decentralized messaging protocol that enables interoperable communication across different platforms. Users can opt for the enhanced experience of the DecentAI mobile app on iOS or Android or choose any XMTP client, such as Coinbase Wallet, Converse, or Web Inbox, according to their preference.

You can learn more about XMTP here: https://xmtp.org/

Round-the-Clock Access

Leveraging the benefits of decentralization, DecentAI ensures continuous availability of services. If a preferred model is temporarily unavailable due to server capacity issues or other reasons, the Smart Router automatically redirects the request to the next best available Large Language Model (LLM) or image generation model with similar output quality. This feature aims to ensure that users will almost always have access to AI capabilities without interruption.

Transparent Access with DecentPass

Anyone can try DecentAI in limited form. However, to access the full range of features in this early experimental phase of DecentAI, users must possess a DecentPass: a transferable NFT that grants access to features and models. The DecentPass system is designed with usage limits that are sufficient for most users, ensuring widespread accessibility. This approach reflects DecentAI's commitment to democratizing access to AI tools through permissionless systems, aligning with the ethos of openness and transparency.

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